MySQL error 1146: table doesn't exist when doing backup

    When running mysqldump to back up a database, There is an error like below:

    mysqldump: Got error: 1146: Table `dbName.errorTableName` doesn`t exist when using LOCK TABLES

    Error Checking

    To make sure that the table does exist and there`s no issues, use mysqlcheck:

    $mysqlcheck -u root -p dbName

    if you receive something like below:

    Error: Table `dbName.errorTableName` doesn`t exist
    status: Operation failed

    You should try the following solution.


    You should simply drop the error table in order to resolve this error by doing the following commands:

    mysql -u mysql_user -p
    mysql> use database_name
    mysql> show tables;
    mysql> drop table table_name;
    mysql> quit

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