Use extundelete to recover deleted files in Linux

    The extundelete is a utility that can recover deleted files from an ext3 or ext4 partition.

    install Package

    sudo apt-get install extundelete


    Read help information

    $ extundelete --help

    To restore all deleted files from a partition

    $ extundelete /dev/sda4 --restore-all

    To restore special file

    Check the deleted file inode:

    $ extundetele --inode 2 /dev/vda1

    Sample output:

    File name                   | Inode number | Delete Status
    lost+found                      2
    exampleFile.txt                 1234            Deleted
    httpd.conf.bak                  2135            Deleted

    Then, restore the file that inode Id is 1234:

    $ extundetele --restore-inode 1234 /dev/vda1

    Sample output:

    WARNING: Extended attributes are not restored.
    Loading filesystem metadata ... 8 groups loaded.
    Loading journal descriptors ... 21 descriptors loaded.
    Writing output to directory RECOVERED_FILES/
    Restored inode 13 to file RECOVERED_FILES/file.1234

    The deleted file has been saved to RECOVERED_FILES on current path.

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