How to add NetworkManager plugin for VPN on CentOs 6

    As default, the pptp plugins of network manager on centos 6 is not avaliable. This document describes the steps to add the NetworkManager plugin for pptp.

    enable epel resource

    It is important to enable epel source before you install related packages.

    rpm -ivh epel-release-6-8.noarch.rpm 
    #yum -y install ppp
    #yum -y install pptp
    #yum -y install vpnc
    #yum -y install openvpn 
    #yum install pptp NetworkManager-pptp* -y
       	#yum install pptp NetworkManager-vpnc* -y
       	#yum install pptp NetworkManager-openvpn* -y
    #yum install NetworkManager* -y

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